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Travel through the incredible world of classical music and discover its many tones, complexity and beauty. Our seminars, led by top music experts, provide you with concert performances, discussions and practical explorations of the instrument and performance techniques that define this timeless art form.
The International Classical Music Masterclasses ARDEA, founded in 2017 through the Center for Education and Culture "Akademija" Čapljina, for the seventh year in a row, offer young and gifted musicians the opportunity to participate in master workshops and lectures, to collaborate with leading instrumental pedagogues, to build their own artistic identity through individual and progressive work, concert activity and interaction with other young artists from all over the world. Motivated by the desire to build culture and contribute to higher artistic education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the whole Southeast Europe, guided by complete enthusiasm and sensitivity towards young musicians and their inner needs, the "Akademija" and its partners work tirelessly to preserve and enrich this, already traditional, musical meeting which has been visited by over 300 young people from all over the world.
Socializing throughout the week within a working framework filled with workshops and concerts enables young people to immerse themselves in the complete and transformative power of music, which connects us with each other, but also with the world around us. The mutual dialogue manifested through individual work with ARDEA pedagogues uncompromisingly builds and directs a young person, and the working atmosphere and communication with colleagues from all over the world encourage and motivate them towards becoming a better artist and an even better person. Flawless and almost unlimited conditions for practice and consultation with our guest experts will contribute to the possibility of absolute dedication to interpretative and technical engagement in order to achieve the best possible result and a well-spent "rest" of each participant.
Encouraging dialogue, cooperation and building peace, through the International Classical Music Masterclasses ARDEA, the project with the significant name PIECE FOR PEACE was also recognized by the European Commission through the support of the Creative Europe BiH program, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Herzegovina-Neretva County, the city of Čapljina and many other institutions that are still loyal donors of the ARDEA Masterclasses. Moreover, the multicultural environment that Čapljina offers, the mild Mediterranean climate and excellent conditions for group and individual work, will make the stay during the seminar pleasant and create an unbreakable spirit of togetherness and friendship among participants of all age groups.
Through sensitivity towards often marginalized but also vulnerable social groups, ARDEA Masterclasses from the very beginning leave the already established, conventional frameworks of the organization of similar masterclasses, showing solidarity, above all, with young and talented musicians whose financial possibilities do not allow them to participate in this kind of indispensable artistic event upgrades for any serious musician. In favor of this, and taking into account the overall economic situation of the country in which this seminar was launched, ARDEA Masterclasses provide all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a package of assistance in the form of scholarships, which reduce the total cost of application and participation for each individual candidate by half of its amount. This facilitates the possibility of participation, but also encourages comprehensive care for promising generations of young and especially talented musicians throughout our country.
ARDEA Masterclasses, too, cannot and will not ignore the unfavorable current situation that has affected thousands of young people, pupils and students in many regions of Ukraine. Therefore, this year, for the first time, ARDEA will provide interested participants who are citizens of Ukraine with a package of assistance in the form of 4 individual scholarships, which fully cover the cost of application, participation and the entire stay during the seminar, and provide all adequate material and social care, all in order to, following the example of past war events in our country, at least made it a little easier and afforded a "normal" education and growing up surrounded by music.
ARDEA 2023 is coming to Čapljina for the seventh time, and during the summer master cycle, it will host nine excellent instrumental pedagogues, respected professors both from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world. It will host several artistic collaborators, concert performers and lecturers and enable a unique synthesis of all aspects that lead young musicians from the classroom to the concert stage. The summer master cycle starts on 6 June and lasts until  3 September, and the ARDEA's 2023 offer includes 4 instrumental courses - seminars for violin, piano, flute and guitar. The winter master cycle starts on 15 December and lasts until 17 December, and the ARDEA's 2023 offer includes an instrumental piano course.We are pleased to present our ARDEA 2023 lecturers this year:
Goran Končar, Croatia
22 June - 28 June
Evgenia Epshtein, Israel / Croatia
22 June  - 28 June
Irena Vučić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
22 June - 28 June

Ivan Batoš, artistic associate
Maroje Brčić, Croatia12 July - 18 July
Željko Mandarić, Bosnia i Herzegovina
12 July - 18 July
Gabrijela Glavinić, artistic associate
Marko Zupan, Slovenia20 July - 26 July
Silvia Vukojević, artistic associate
Đorđe Stanetti, Croatia 24 July - 30 July
Marijan Đuzel, Croatia
24 July - 30 July
Oliver Kern, Njemačka
28 August - 3 September
Božidar Vlašić, artistic associate
Dragomir Bratić, Serbia
15 December - 17 December

Gabrijela Glavinić, artistic associate
Important: the instructions for participation, rights and obligations, procedure and prices of registration and participation for the winter master cycle are not the same as for the summer master cycle. The winter master cycle does not include the possibility of partial or full scholarships for participants. Detailed information on the instructions for participation, rights and obligations, the procedure and prices of registration and participation for the winter master cycle will be published in due course on the official website of the ARDEA Masterclass.
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